So. Tech Engineering Consultancy is a privately owned company that provides services in the field of a wide range of engineering design, studies, and evaluations. So. Tech stands Social And Technical which implies as service provider organization in Social and Technical aspects. It was registered in February 2019 with the Office of the Company Register, Tripureshowr Kathmandu, Nepal (Reg No. 207195/075/076). It offers professional services in the following areas

i) Engineering Survey
ii) Water Resources Planning
iii) Environmental Studies

iv) Agriculture
v) Energy
vi) Valuation
vii) Architectures design /EIA, IEE, and others. It is a rising consulting company with good growth of the business. With a range of dedicated professional staff and experts, the company is committed to ensuring quality services to various clients. Since its inception in 2019, it had been able to provide services of civil engineering infrastructures (irrigation, building, parks, road, and bridges), socioeconomic baseline survey, project evaluation, and environmental protection works. Depending on the nature of the Assignment, So. Tech Engineering Consultancy works together in association with some Consulting Firms as Associate partners.

Vision and Goal 

Get established as a leading service provider company Nationally and Internationally. Mission Dedicated and effective mobilization of resources for sustainable development. And had a goal to establish as prominencompany
in the
field osociaand engineering services for providing innovative solutions to various development issues. 


Provide services in the survey, design of civil infrastructures, planning and carry out studies and evaluations as per the demand of the various clients in the following areas:

  • Civil Engineering (Hydropower, Highway, Irrigation, Water supply, and sanitation, Water Resources development, etc.)
  • Environmental Engineering (Water Supply, Sewerage, Sanitation, Water and Sewerage Treatment Plants)
  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
  • Rural Infrastructure Planning, Development and Socio-EconomicalAnalysis
  • Hydropower Development (Electro-mechanical works along with all kinds of Engineering Support)
  • Architectural / Modeling
  • Property Valuation in several aspects.
  • And all other engineering works.¬†